Crystal Brook Cemetery


G - N


Data compiled by Elizabeth Smart


574A 9 Gadd Sarah. B 29-1-1921 C. B. D of Henry Clarke Gadd/ Sarah nee Wheaton Crystal Bro   M
612B 15 Gale Edith Maud May born 15-7-1888 nee Williams. Wife of William Gale. Crystal Brook 63 Y
838B 7 Gale Ellen. B 2-6-1867 Two Wells nee Pritchard. W of George GALE and Richard GALE 55 Y
204A 15 Gale Ethel Mary 19-3-1902 Kensingtn Dof Robert Downie/Nellie Barnsley Wof George Gale c 97 Y
262C 15 Gale Evelyn Maud. B18-11-1901Collinsfield Dof James H.Shearer/Mary nee Liston WofJames.La 72 Y
838C 7 Gale George B   28-3-1860 Nairne S of Richard/Louisa Dalton. 1st H of Ellen Gale. C 32 Y
175C 15 Gale George Henry born 23-12-1893 at  Stephenson. H of Ethel Mary Gale. Crystal Brook 90 Y
262A 15 Gale James Edwin B 16-11-1900 C. Bk. S of Richard/Ellen (Gale) nee Prichard H of Evelyn 82 Y
527B 13 Gale John B 10-10-1857 Nairne.S of Richard and Louisa. H of Sophia Jane. C. Brook 80 Y
527D 13 Gale John Richard B 31-7-1889 Quorn Son of John and Sophia nee Tucker. Single. C. Brook 55 Y
838A 7 Gale Lousia Jane. B 7-6-1837 Wiltshire England. nee Dalton. Wife of Richard Gale C. Brook 87 Y
838 7 Gale Richard B 1830 Wiltshire Eng.S of George /Lucy. H of Louisa Jane nee Dalton. C. 50 Y
838C 7 Gale Richard Henry B 16-3-1871 Nairne. S of Richard/Louisa. H of Ellen nee Pritchard. C. B 86 Y
612D 15 Gale Ruby Edith Ellen. B 3-3-1919 C. Bk daughter of William George Gale/Edith nee Williams. C. 29 Y
0   Gale Ruby Ruby Gale was a nurse at the Gladstone Hospital. she died of Diphtheria    
838D 7 Gale Emmeline Ruth Daughter of Archibald Frank Gale and Mabel nee Phillips. Booleroo Centr   Y
838D 7 Gale Samuel Leslie. B 22-9-1892 C. Brook Son of George  Gale and Ellen nee Pritchard   Y
527B 13 Gale Sophia Jane B 26-11-1864 SevenHill. D of Benjamin Tucker/Catherine O'Connor.W of Jo 80 Y
838 7 Gale Thomas B 1-5-1873 Nairne. son of Richard Gale and Louisa Jane nee Dalton C. Bk 15 Y
839A 6 Gale Thomas Wilfred B 24-5-1888  C. B. Son of George and Ellen Gale H of Ada Grace C. Brook 53 Y
527 13 Gale William Cliford memorial. B 29-6-1897 C. B. son of John/Louisa nee Tucker.  Interred Fr 20 Y
597D 15 Gale George William Harold B 20-2-1890 S of George and Ellen Gale. H of Edith M. M.Gale C. Brook 82 Y
95A 11 Gardiner Daisy Muriel W of MichaelCrystal Brook 75 Y
406B 3 Garrigan Margaret Mary Widow of Myles Garrigan, formerly a Farmer of Dry Creek. died of Cancer 63 M
313A   Gearing Mary Geraldine Born 6-11-1917 Daughter of Robert Madden and Nora nee Fitzgerald 88  
0   Gearing Mary Geraldine wife of Ronald Bulter and Albert Gearing. abode Pt. Pirie then Willochr    
448C 6 George Arthur Chas. B 16-3-1863 nr Saddleworth Son of Obadiah/Harriett Hancock. H of Lucy C 61 Y
448C 6 George Lucy Mary B6-4-1867Woodside D of James @ Elizabeth Tonkin. W of Arthur. Pt. Pirie 75 Y
162A 15 Gertau Louisa.Ann 4-3-1924 C. Bk. D of James Darley @Eliza nee Gale. W. of Norman Henry. 64 Y
575D 8 Gilbert Catherine Joanna. b 8-11-1858 Finnis D of James Gilbert/Jemima nee Taylor Crystal Brook 55 M
706D 7 Gilbert Doris Mabel B 18-10-1898 C. Brook Daughter  of Walter/ Catherine Gilbert Crystal Br   M
590B 8 Gilbert Ellis Crystal B 9-4-1900 C. Brook Son of Walter /Catherine Gilbert. Crystal Brook 23 M
590B 8 Gilbert George Victor b 24-11-1873Mt Baker. S of James/Jemima nee Taylor H of Jessie Gilbert 71 Y
546D 8 Gilbert Grace Maud Mrs. McNamara--B29-5-1880Coomandook Dof L.Jury/Jane neMyrin.Wof James 83 Y
546D 8 Gilbert James Camden B 16-7-1871 Strath. dist. S of James/Jemima. H of Grace Maud Crystal Br 71 Y
719B 7 Gilbert James. Born 1852 England. Husband of Jemmima. Blacksmith at Crystal Brook 66 M
706D 7 Gilbert Jemima daughter of James Taylor. wife of James Gilbert Crystal Brook 68 M
575B 8 Gilbert Lionel Crystal Born 2.12.1876. Son of James & Jemima  nee Taylor.     Crystal Brook 23 M
575B 8 Gilbert Mabel Lucy. Born 27.11.1869. Daughter of James & Jemima nee Taylor.   Crystal Brook 72 M
353C 12 Gobbett Edna Joyce W of Neil Ivan Crystal Brook. (At waterworks until 1962) 36 M
587C 5 Gold Cecil Vincent Born 13-10-1894 infant of Elija Gold and Alice nee Layton. Merriton   M
587C 5 Gold Cyril Vivian. Born 13.10.1894 Children of Elija Gold and Alice nee Layton   M
0     Elijah Gold is listed as Painter at time of his infants death    
628C 4 Goulter Eber (Ebenezer) B21-10-1827Gloust'rEng. Sof JamesS.A.1849.H of Mary Ann nee Woods. C. B 72 Y
528C 12 Goulter Allen (Twin) B 12-10-1867 Riverton S of Eber/Mary Ann nee Woods. H of Marion nee Gre 83 Y
528C 12 Goulter Bertram Alfred Cyr B 19-6-1901 C. Brook Son of Allen/Marion nee Greig. single. Crystal Bro 67 Y
351C 14 Goulter Daisy B 14-9-1895 Balaklava D of William Brazil/Isabella Patterson W of James 85 Y
528C 12 Goulter Elsie Millicent Ma daughter of Allen Goulter /Marion nee Greig. single Crystal Brook 87 Y
134D 14 Goulter Gavin James. son of James and Daisy nee Brazil. husband of Betty Goulter nee Hewett. 60 Y
289A 13 Goulter Greta Marion B 5-4-1904 Quorn D of Walter Vanstone/Edith Eagle.W of Ronald C. Brk 85 Y
351A 14 Goulter James Eber B 1-5-1891 C. B. S of Allan/Marion nee Greig H of Daisy Goulter. C. Bro 81 Y
568D 15 Goulter James (Twin) B 12-10-1867 Riverton S of Eber/Mary Ann ne Woods, H of Lilly nee Jarmy 76 Y
568B 15 Goulter Lily B 3-9-1879 Mallala D of George Jarmyn/Mary Turner. W of James C. Brook 80 Y
528A 12 Goulter Marion . born 23-1-1868 daughter of James and Phoebe Greig. W. of Allen C. Brook 84 Y
628A 4 Goulter Mary Ann. B1837 Ireland nee Woods married Gawler 1858. wife of Eber Goulter C. Bk 66 Y
289A 13 Goulter Ronald B 24-6-1910 C. B. S of James /Lily nee Jarmyn. H of Greta nee Vanstone. 74 Y
728A 16 Govan Garry Son of Walter & Jessie Georgina Govan. Crystal Brook. 12 Y
728A 16 Govan Walter Neville. Husband of Jessie Georgina Govan. Crystal Brook. 51 Y
728A 16 Govan Jessie Georgina Wife of Walter Neville Govan of C. Bk   Y
586A 4 Grandsden Louisa B23-11-1861 Bugle Range Dof  Charles Lines/Sarah Duffield W ofAlbert.P 76 Y
586A 4 Gransden Albert. Arrive S.A.1874 "Forfarshire". S of Richard. H of Louisa. Clement Gap. 68 Y
586A 4 Gransden Baby. Infant of Ruth Gransden   Y
829D 16 Gransden Ethel Matilda B 8-6-1886  D of Henry Barrowcliff/Sarah Martin. W of Albert Luton Gran 81 Y
586A 4 Gransden Sampson Albert B 11-8-1889 Mundoora. Son of Albert/Louisa  nee Lines. Kadina 40 Y
829B 16 Gransden. Albert Luton B 25-5-1886 Keilli S of Albert/Louisa nee Lines. H of Ethel Matilda Cry 72 Y
492D 4 Gray Ada Ruth b 25-11-1869 Adelaide D of James Sarre/Ann Suckling W of Walter H. crys 68 Y
492 4 Gray Edwin Charles memorialB 22-3-1896 Riverton s of Walter H./Ada RuthSarre. killed Franc 20 Y
492B 4 Gray Walter Henry B 10-3-1867 Finniss Son of Alfred/Sarah Evans.  H of Ada Ruth. Crystal 56 Y
492D 4 Gray William Henry B 2-3-1908 C. Bk Son of Walter H. and Ada R. nee Sarre. R.A.A.F. Terowi 39 Y
93C 13 Gregory Colin.THomas. B 17-11-1910 Wandearah S of Harry/Esther nee Ball. H of Grace Wandearah 73 Y
118A 13 Gregory Grace Thelma W of Colin Thomas.  Wandearah 73 Y
261B 16 Greig Albert James B 10-8-1900 C. B. S of Albert/Marthe nee Williams. H of Eden F. Greig. 71 Y
744B 13 Greig Albert James. B27-2-1871 Mitcham S of James /Phoebe nee Burford. H of Martha neeWilli 82 Y
503B 8 Greig Alfred John B 25-10-1910 Son of Alfred Greig and Elizabeth nee Williams Crystal Bro   M
698B 15 Greig Alfred B 21-3-1873 Navan dist. S ofJames/Phoebe Burford. H of Elizabeth. C. Bk 78 Y
247D 15 Greig Alfred Clarence B 25-11-1904 C. Bk S of Bertram/ Charlotte nee Ide. H of Olive Lillian. 84 Y
292A 16 Greig Annie Rachel Madge daughter of John Joseph O'Shaughnessy. W of George. Wandearah.C. Brook 77 Y
507C 12 Greig Bertrand B 29-3-1877 C. B. Son  of James/ Phoebe nee Burford. H of Charlotte. C. 84 Y
507C 12 Greig Charlotte B 26-5-1878 Gulnare. D of George Ide/Sarah Roberts.W of Bertram. Crysta 69 Y
247B 15 Greig Claire Lynette Daughter of Alfred Clarence Greig and Olive Lillian. C. Brook 22 Y
261B 16 Greig Eden Florence daughter of Alfred Herbert Davies, Napperby. W of Albert James Jnr.Vall 79 Y
35B 14 Greig Elizabeth. B 16-4-1904 at Crystal Brook D of Alfred Greig and Elizabeth nee Willia 88 Y
698D 15 Greig Elizabeth.. B 10-1-1874 Balhanah D of William Williams/Tamar Roe. Wof Alfred Greig 84 Y
532D 8 Greig Esther Zilpah B 25-4-1882 at Crystal Brook  daughter of Phobe Greig 29 Y
353B 12 Greig Fredie. 25-10-1907 Warntown Sof Albert J./Martha nee Williams. H of Miriam War 72 Y
292A 16 Greig George. B31-5-1908 C.B. Son of Alfred/Elizbeth neeWilliams  H of Madge. Wandear 70 Y
653B 16 Greig James Brook B 11-7-1875 C. B. S of James/Phoebe Greig. H of Sarah nee Williams. C. 74 Y
507A 12 Greig James Frederick B 27-7-1907 C. Bk Son of Bertrand and Charlotte nee Ide. Single. C. Bro 26 Y
159D 12 Greig Florence "Effie" B 27-2-1908 C. Bk. D of Arthur Mathews/Eva nee Milnes. W of Leslie. C. 94 Y
159B 12 Greig Leslie B 11-4-1912 C. B. S of James/Sarah nee Williams. H of Effie Crystal Bro 60 Y
203A 14 Greig Lewis Broughton. B 16-5-1903 C. B. Son of James/Sarah nee Williams. H of Ruby. Crystal B 75 Y
744D 13 Greig Martha. B 14-9-1872 Balhana D of William Williams/Tamar nee Roe. W of Albert Ja 84 Y
353D 12 Greig Miriam Anna Born 9-7-1914 nee White wife of Fred of Warnertown 47 Y
247D 15 Greig Olive Lillian W of Alfred Clarence.  Riverton 74 Y
532B 8 Greig Phoebe daughter of James Burford. m at Riveton 1859. Wife of James Greig. Crys 88 Y
203A 14 Greig Ruby Sophia B. B 7-3-1906Pirie Disct. D of Alfred Davies nee Sophie Smith W of Lewis G 90 Y
653D 16 Greig Sarah Crystal Sarah Crystal nee Williams. wife of James Brook Greig. Crystal Brook !! 77 Y
423B 15 Greig William James. B 18-10-1901 C. B. S of James/Sarah nee Williams. Valley View/C. Brook 69 Y
205D 16 Gribble Howard B 4-1-1908 Pt Pirie Son of John Carthew Gribble/Marion nee Parks. C. Br 71 Y
niche wall Grigg Douglas Hugh B 13-9-1924 Clare Sof Goodwin/Gladys Wisson H of Dorothy     Crystal Br 72 Y
162C 15 Grossman Elva May B 11-7-1920 D of James William Darley Narridy. W of Harold C. Brook 82 Y
162C 15 Grossman Harold Albert. Born 12-12-1913 Tanunda SX26937 Husband of Elva nee Darley C. Brook 79 Y
616B 11 Growden Howard Lancelot B 28-2-1916 Adelaide. Son of Horace John Growden and Mildred nee Avery.   M
828A 17 Gum Baby Infant of Jenny nee Collins and Trevor Gum Crystal Brook.   M
571D 12 Gum Elsie Elizabeth Born 2-9-1883 Merriton nee Rice. Wife of George Edward Gum Crystal Bk. 70 Y
93D 13 Gum Eric George. Born 28-3-1914 Crystal Bk. Husband of Mavis nee Gale Crystal Brook 79 Y
93B 13 Gum Mavis Louisa B 12-2-1918 C. Bk Daugh of George William Gale/Edith Maud May nee Willi 89  
0   Gum Mavis Louisa Mavis Gum wife of Eric George Gum of Crystal Brook    
571B 12 Gum George Edward . Born 2-10-1883 Amyton. Husband of Elsie Elizabeth Gum Crystal Brook 46 Y
289C 13 Gum Marjory Emily B14-6-1918Quorn D of Gilbert Jones/Olive nee Chapman. W of Reg. C. Broo 77 Y
655C 14 Gum Neil Ward. Born 30-9-1918 C. Bk. 2/3rd Field Reg. SX1608. H. of Edna May  nee Rich 30 Y
337D 17 Gum Patricia B 2-2-1929 Pt. Pirie D of Walter J. Deed/ May Wehrmann. W of Glen Gum C 50 Y
289C 13 Gum Reginald Lyddon Born 23-3-1916 C. Brook. 2/3rd Field Reg. SX 1609. Husband  of Marjory 64 Y
289C 13 Gum Robin Dennis Memorial. b 8-10-1943 C. B. Son of Reg Marj. nee Jones interred Canada. 20 Y
469A 16 Gusling Edward A. B 9-5-1879 Cross Road Adelaide Son of Henry and Mary Jane nee Rook. 63 M
588D 6 Halgeen Hermann Listed as farm laborer. Died from Lightening Strike at Napperby, his ab 25 M
488C 8 Hall  William. Crystal Brook. 83 M
488C 8 Hall Ann Port Pirie. 85 M
566A 17 Hall Mary Ann formerly Qld. wife of George (he is now deceased also. Qld) Mercowie rd 65 Y
49C 15 Hall Thomas Etherington B 13-9-1906 Hyde, Eng. Son of William. Hus of M. Jean nee O'Shaughnessy 94 Y
488B 8 Halliday Alexander D. B 21-10-1859 Strathbyn, Sof James/Elizabeth  Fortun. H of Rosalie. C. B 67 M
488B 8 Halliday Rosalie Louise nee Whitcombe (birth not found) wife of Alexander D. Halliday C. Brook 82 M
285D 9 Halse Catherine May b26-6-1892 C. B. Dof Cornelius Curtin/Catherine Enright.W of John Halse 61 M
682D 14 Halse John Beetaloo Husband of Ethel Maud nee Richards & Catherine May nee Curtin 71 Y
460A 7 Halse.Ethel Maude Born 6.11.1883 Pt.Pass.Wife of Jack Halse nee Richards.  Beetaloo Valle 37 M
468A 15 Halsey Gloria Ruth Child of Stella Halsey. .   Sydney NSW.   M
468A 15 Halsey Stella Olive Gladys B 24-12-1893 Paskeville D. of Henry R. Oehms/Mary Mills. Sydney NSW 21 M
311C 10 Hamilton Joseph Patrick Gladstone. 80 M
91A 15 Hamlyn Aaron B 29-6-1843England. Son of Thomas/Susannah. H of Louisa nee Raison.C.B. 61 Y
91 15 Hamlyn Alice Bertha Maud B 18-4-1884 C. Brook daughter of Louisa nee Raison/ Aaron Hamlyn. C. Bk 78 Y
90B 16 Hamlyn James Rich B 11-11-1831 England S of John/Susannah. H of Ellen. No issue. C. Brook 65 Y
670A 2 Hamlyn John Son of John Langdon Rich Hamlyn/Julia nee Bohn.buried wth Grandmother 26 Y
0     John Hamlyn was a Teamster, abode Laura at death fromTyphoid.died C. Bk    
579A 4 Hamlyn John Langdon Richar B 20-2-1826 England S of Thomas/Susannah. W of Julia nee Bohn C. Brook 92 Y
579C 4 Hamlyn Julia. B 1831 Germany nee Bohn. M 1851 Blankiston W of John L. R. Hamlyn C B 89 Y
91C 15 Hamlyn Louisa B 17-5-1847 England. D of John Raison/K. Curtis. W of Aaron Hamlyn C. B 82 Y
91B 15 Hamlyn Mary Anne B 10-11-1883 D of Isaac Steer. W of William L. R. Hamlyn. M 1913 C. B. 81 Y
542A 4 Hamlyn Rachel. Seventh child of John L. R. /Julia Hamlyn. buried with Parents. C, Broo 57 Y
670 A 2 Hamlyn Susannah B 29-1-1804 Devon England D of John Rich/Penelope Langdon 83 Y
670A 2 Hamlyn Susannah Married Thomas Hamlyn 1-12-18825 Devon.Tom deceased at Blankiston 83 Y
91D 15 Hamlyn William B 5-5-1841 England S of Aaron/Susannah. H of Louisa nee acc 79 Y
90D 16 Hamlyn.Ellen B 11-11-1831 England. S of Thomas/Susannah. W of James, Narridy 63 Y
290C 14 Hanson Jean Wilson B 6-1-1895 Narridy D of George Weston/Hannah Smart W of Walter W J. c. 87 Y
290A 14 Hanson Walter William John B 22-1-1893Lobethal S of Martin/Amanda nee Jones H of Jean Narridy/CBrk 87 Y
629A 5 Harrell Francis Charles B 24-12-1890 C. Brook. S of Mary E. A. nee Grace/Francis Harrell. Merri 3 M
724B 12 Harris Charles Son of Frederick. married Lyndoch 1879. H of Elizabeth Harris. C. Brook 81 Y
724D 12 Harris Elizabeth. B 23-12-1855 Lyndoch D of Samuel Hill/Dorothy nee Visick. W of Charles 75 Y
641C 17 Harris Graham Henry Son of Sid. 53 M
614A 13 Harris Lynda Rose Born Wokurna. wife of Stuart Victor Harris of C. Brook 52 Y
678B 10 Harris Mary. Born Strathalbyn Widow of Benjamin Harris. farmer of Wandearah North 67 M
51B 13 Harrison Florence Emily. Born United Kingdom 78 Y
626B 1 Harry  John Salisbury Rees B 7-1-1884 C. Bk S of Sarah Ann nee Armitage/John Charles Harry.C. Broo   M
626D 1 Harry John Charles B 23-12-1857. H of Sarah Ann. Father of four children. Crystal Brook 39 Y
0     John Harry is listed as Storekeeper of Crystal Bk. died of Cancer Intes    
63B 1 Harvey Clemence Lavina Born 24.7.1870 to Edmund & Emilie nee Buttfield.Narridy 10 Y
63B 1 Harvey Raymond Brook. Born 1.8.1884 to Edmund & Emilie nee Buttfield.Crystal Brook 9 M
376D 12 Haskard Amina Merrell W of Thomas Gregory.  Crystal Brook 62 Y
482A 15 Haskard May. daughter of James Roe. wife of Alexander Haskard. Crytsal Brook 88 Y
376B 12 Haskard Thomas Gregory B 28-8-1899 Pt. Germein. S ofAlexander/Mary Rowe. H of Amina Crystal Bk 73 Y
482C 15 HaskardAlexander. son of Thomas Haskard. Husband of Mary nee Roe Crystal Brook 70 Y
201D 12 Hatch Ruby Beatrice B 30-12-1897 Telowie Dof George Richter/Agnes Bonham. W of Stanley. C. 74 Y
201B 12 Hatch Stanley Arthur B 27-12-1894 Wilmington S of Henry/Ada Yates. H of Ruby Beatrice. C. Br 91 Y
866C ? Hawkes William Died by Suicide (hanging). Buried as a destitute person. Batchelor. C. 50 N
371A 7 Head Alfred George B 13-8-1894 C. B. S of Ambrose/Annie. H of Lily J. and Margaret M. C. B 96 Y
895 18 Head Ambrose James Twin son of Peter Francis Head and Krysia Jane. Crystal Brook   Y
402A 7 Head Annie B 28-8-1856 daughtr of Thomas /Ellen Myatt. wife of Ambrose Head Huddle 77 Y
402C 7 Head Ambrose George son ofGeorge Head. marriedGeorgetown5-10-1882Hof Annie neeMyatt Hudlest 62 Y
222A 11 Head Herbert Thomas B 16-4-1886 Georgetown. S of Ambrose/Annie nee Myatt.H of Mary May. CB 74 Y
371C 7 Head Josephine Lillian daughter of John Maddigan. 1st W of Alfred George Head Huddleston C. Br 27 Y
371A 7 Head Margaret Una daughter of Joseph Miller. 2nd W of Alfred George Head Huddleston Cryst 94 Y
222B 11 Head Mary May daughter of Joseph Fitzsimmons. Gladstone. W of Herbert Thomas Head C.B 81 Y
241B   Head Herbert "Ambrose" B 21-11-1923 C. Bk S of Herbert Thomas/Mary May Fitzsimmons. H of Marj. 83 n
niche wall Head Terence Myatt born 11-3-1938 Crystal Brook. son of Alfred and Margaret Head. died W. 64 Y
469C 16 Heaslip Dora Elizabeth Ros B 8-7-1885Wandearah D of George Davidson/Isabella Baird. W of Harold He 66 Y
809A 9 Heaslip Frank Robert B 16-12-1879 Huddleston Sof  Robert/Isabella McNeil. H of Margaret Hudd 58 Y
469A 16 Heaslip Harold Benjamin. B 19-10-2884  Huddleston S of Robert/Isabella McNeil. Husb. of Dora C. 62 Y
809C 9 Heaslip Margaret Isabella B 29-3-1874 Stockport. Dof Charles Ferguson/Ellen Murdock. W of Frank C 71 Y
0   Helling William farmer of C. Bk drowned in water tank at home. burial unknownC B undert 79 no
830A 15 Hendry Charles Edwin H of Emma Maud.  Crystal Brook 44 Y
348B 17 Hennessy Michael. B 7-7-1895 Orroroo. S of William/Ellen nee O'Donnell. H of Thelma. C. B 75 Y
348B 17 Hennessy Thelma Emily B 7-2-1906 Booleroo D of George Foot/Elizabeth nee Parsons. W of Michae 65 Y
618C 9 Hewett Ethelbert  Herber B 1-9-1836 Devon Eng. S of Charles Tom/Hannah Jane(Moore) H of Jane. C. 71 Y
618A 9 Hewett Jane . B 26-5-1840 Adelaide D of John/Eliza Norman. W of E. Herbert Hewett. C. 73 Y
0   Hewett John Egbert Algerno Born 9-7-1880 Crystal Brook Son of Ethelbert Herber Hewett. Crystal Bro   no
0   Hewett Ethelbert "Walter" memorial B 30-11-1868 Myponga S of Ethelbert Died/buried Balboa,Panama. 61 Y
335B 15 Hewett Leslie Walter B 6-3-1897 Penong Son of Arthur/Alice nee Freeman. Husband of Olive C.B 83 Y
335B 15 Hewett Olive B 8-11-1902 Wokurna D/Fred.Richards/Harriett nee Anderson.W of Leslie C 73 Y
857C 13 Hewett Allan Leslie son of Leslie Walter and Olive nee Richards. Crystal Brook 28 Y
286D 10 Hickey Alfred James born Clunes Victoria. widower of Louise Hickey. Crystal Brook 86 M
267A 10 Hickey Eric Ahola Crystal Brook 16 M
286B 10 Hickey Louise Born Wallaroo. wife of Alfred James Hickey. Pt. Broughton and C. Brook 82 M
349D 16 Hickey William Ernest Born 10-7-1912 Kadina. Army SX33891. Husband of Frances. Crystal Brook 69 Y
160D 13 Higgins Dorothy Irene B 30-12-1912 Brinkworth. D. of Ernest Smallacombe/Mary ne Clark. W of K 70 Y
160D 13 Higgins Kevin Timothy BORN 1-10-1912 husband of Dorothy Higgins. Huddleston/Crystal Brook 90 Y
157C 10 Higginson Irene Victoria. B 6-10-1897 Pirie disct. D of EdwardMathews/Margaret. wof Fred(Peterbrg 95 Y
548A 9 Hill Ada "Edith" B 25-7-1871 Mintaro D of Charles Mathews/Ann nee Rivett. W of Herbert H 57 M
548C 9 Hill Herbert Abraham B 20-7-1867 Langhorn Creek Son of William/Mary nee Latter. Crystal Broo 78 M
180B 10 Hill Robert Richmond born 25-6-1976 son of Gary and Laurel Hill. Merriton 17 Y
487c C 9 Hill Walter Visick B 8-3-1850 Adelaide Son  of Samuel/Dorothy L. nee Visik 52 Y
755B 2 Hindwick George William no details located 73 M
89C 17 Hinks Aquilla David H of Elless. Born 6.6.1869 to Emanuel H & Priscilla Tanner. 72 Y
89A 17 Hinks Elless daughter of Thomas Woodman wife of Aquilla David Hinks. Crystal Brook 70 Y
79A 17 Hinks Emanual Husband of Priscilla Mary Ann nee Tanner. Father of Aquilla Hinks C. Br 80 M
? ? Hinks Priscilla Mary Ann Died@Crystal Brook. nee TannerPresumed buried near husband Emmanuel 64 N
80B 17 Hinks Hilda Elless Born 19.6.1898at C/Brook to Aquilla David & Elless Hinks nee Woodman. 4 Y
80D 17 Hinks.Arthur David Born 3-4-1891 near Crystal Brook Son of Aquilla David @ Elless nee Wood 52 Y
176A 14 Hinrichson Gerda Margarete W of Heini. Crystal Brook. 69 Y
262B 15 Hoad Leonore Marguerite W of Perce Benjamin. Crystal Brook   Y
262B 15 Hoad Perce  Benjamin B 29-4-1895 Wellington dist. S of Henry/Louisa nee Jarmyn. H of Leonore 78 Y
307D 14 Hobbs Joseph William Hecto Born 10-4-1924 Burra. 2/6th Infantry Batt. SX29309. Husband of Kathleen 62 Y
307B 14 Hobbs Kathleen Mary W of Joseph William Hector. Crystal Brook 49 Y
307D 14 Hobbs Mark Nicholas B 4-10-1987 Son of Don and Jacqie. Pt Augusta. G.son of Joseph/Kathleen 5 Y
307B 14 Hobbs Shirly Annette Daughter of Joseph & Kathleen. Crystal Brook 8 Y
350B 15 Hobbs.Patricia Lorraine Ma Daughter of Joseph & Kathleen.  Crystal Brook 20 Y
174C 16 Hoffmann Johanna Marie W of Ernest Gerhard.  Crystal Brook 78 Y
174C 16 Hoffmann.Ernest Gerhard H of Johanna Maria. Crystal Brook 69 Y
373C 9 Hollah Mary Born Ireland. S. A. 51yrs. Wife of Daniel Hollah of Crystal Brook. no i 75 M
631C 7 Holman Ada B 20-9-1863 Bald Hills D of James Holman/Susannah nee Atkinson Napperby 26 Y
620B 7 Holman Annie. registered ''Hannah''B 4-4-1862 Bald Hills D of James Holman/Susannah.N 31 Y
589B 7 Holman James B 26-2-1867 Bald Hills son of James/Susannah nee Atkinson Napperby 27 Y
0     James Holman died 1894 of Consumption. Farmer of Napperby    
589D 7 Holman James James senior. Husband of Susanah nee Atkinson Napperby. 76 Y
576D 7 Holman Phillipia. B 7-3-1865 Bald Hills daughter of James/Susannah nee Atkinson Napperby. 30 Y
589D 7 Holman Susannah nee Atkinson wife of James HOLMAN  senior Napperby 65 Y
620D 7 Holman Thomas Atkinson. B 13-3-1856 Kent Town son of James /Susannah nee Atkinson Napperby 36 Y
860D 16 Holmes Edward Douglas Born Pt. Norlunga. married-----?---   Issue of 6 children.     Painter 76 M
898 20 Hooft Jean Pierre Husband of Irene. Father of Richard, deceased. Pooraka 83 Y
898 20 Hooft Irene Nienka Anna   73 Y
898 20 Hooft Richard Matthew Son of Jean Pierre and Irene Hooft. Ashes Interred with parents. Ingle 41 Y
619A 8 Hopgood Emily. Born Bugle Ranges. Emily Adelaide Augusta Hopgood.daughter of George.CB 66 M
618D 9 Hopgood Florence Ada. B 3-5-1885 Laura. daughter of Joseph Hopgood and Emily nee Fleet C. Bro 16 M
618B 9 Hopgood Joseph John. Son of William. married 1882 at Clare, Emily Fleet.  Crystal Brook 65 M
618B 9 Hopgood William John B 18-7-1883 Laura s of Joseph/Emily nee Fleet. Crystal Brook 21 M
858C 13 Hosking  Susan Maud nee Staples wife of Thomas John Hosking(interred Centenial Pk 1944) 83 Y
858A 13 Hosking Reginald Keith B 3-10-1902Moonta S of Thomas/Susan nee Staples H of Sarah. Narridy/C.B 71 Y
858A 13 Hosking Sarah Isabella B 8-4-1906 Dalkey D of James Evans/Mary nee Tiller. W of R.Keith Narrid 62 Y
51A 13 Hunt Peter George H of Shirley Doreen. Wandearah 53 Y
162B 15 Hurst Daphne "Claire" B 31-2-1933 C Brook D of Roland Pavy/ May nee Behenna. W of Rex. Crysta 63 Y
906 18 Hurst Douglas William b 27-10-1924 Adelaide. R. A. A. F.140455. H of Jean nee Murdock. C. Bro 74 Y
221C 12 Hurst Jessie Isabel B 10-8-1892 Mt Barker Daughter of Thomas Sloper and Catherine nee Ingle 79 Y
0   Hurst Jessie Isabel nee Sloper. wife of George Victor Gilbert and John Henry Hurst. C. Broo    
221A 12 Hurst John Henry B 29-5-1892 Pewsy Vale S of Joseph/ Elizabeth Francom Husb of Jessie C. 73 Y
812C 12 Hurst Lillian Martha B 24-10-1892MtTempleton D of Harvey Ratten/Mary Hudson W of Willm John 64 Y
162B 15 Hurst Rex Vivian. Born 2-9-1929 son of John Henry. H of Daphne "Claire" nee Pavy Crystal 56 Y
812A 12 Hurst William John. B 18-7-1894 Nantawarra s of William/Rosina Sampson. H of Lillian Melbou 70 Y
0   Hurst Joel Farmer of Broughton Ext. died of haemorrage of wound. Burial unknown 39 no
786B 15 Hutchins George son of Benjamin. A widow when he married Sarah Harriett nee Siviour 83 Y
786D 15 Hutchins Sarah Harriet B 19-11-1874 Broughton Discrt D of Moses Siviour/Mary Ann Loades. 81 Y
0   Hutchins Sarah Harriet married Robert Duncanson a Widower 1910then George Hutchins1933 Redhill    
176C 14 Hutchinson Daniel Gregory. H of Shirley.  Died 31.12.1989 at Crystal Brook. 65 Y
683B 15 Ide Elizabeth Ellen B 20-10-1879 RedHill D of William Keeck/Elizabeth Nutt. W of Thomas. C. 69 Y
76A 13 Ide George Frederick I 1-4-1911 Pirie West. Sof Thomas F./Elizabeth nee Keech Hof Jean. Merrit 80 Y
76A 13 Ide Lillian ''Jean'' b31-10-1917 Gulnare D of John Bowman/Martha nee Grant. W of George C. B 73 Y
485C 12 Ide Sarah Ann. daughter of James Roberts. married 1873 at Mintaro W of George H.( snr) 88 Y
683D 15 Ide Thomas Frederick B 23-4-1877Georgetown S of George/Sarah nee Roberts. H of Eliz Ellen C. 89 Y
485A 12 Ide.George Frederick. B 26-8-1850 Sturt S of George/Mary Ann nee Stokes. H of Sarah nee Rober 79 Y
330A 10 Imms Colin Edward Son of Edward Arthur Imms/?nee Holst. Clerk of Crystal Brook   M
330A 10 Imms Edward James Born Crystal Brook Son of Edward Arthur Imms/ ? nee Holst Clerk of C. B   M
439B 15 Ingerson Mary Ethel born Manum. wife of A. C. Ingerson.  died motor accident   abode Berrie 48 Y
853C 9 Inglis Andrew Leslie B 1923 Son of Samuel George/Edith nee Kirk. H of Gwenda nee Sims. Merri 79 Y
853C 9 Inglis Gwenda Lottie BORN 1922 nee Sims. Wife of Andrew Leslie Inglis. Merriton/C. Brook 81 N
853A 9 Inglis Andrew B 1841 Scotland.arrived S. A. 1854. H of Annie. Merriton. 90 Y
853C 9 Inglis Annie B1860 D of F. Young Adelaide. Wife of Andrew Inglis. Merriton. 67 Y
507B 12 Inglis Edith Ann. B 7-1-1892 C. Bk. D of Archibald Kirk/Mary Ellery. Wof Samuel George 87 Y
835D 10 Inglis Elizabeth born 9-2-1844 Scotland D of Samuel/Mary nee Robertson. single Merriton 73 Y
835B 10 Inglis Samuel B 14-6-1855 Ecounter Bay. S of Samuel/Mary Robertson. H of Ruth. Merrit 86 Y
835 10 Inglis Ruth  Elizabeth D of William Foote. marriedSamuel Inglis at residence1878. Interred Jam    
485D 12 Inglis Samuel George. B 15-1-1890 Willowie dist. Sof Samuel/Ruth Foote. H of Edith Ann. Merri 42 Y
507 12 Inglis Samuel Lindsay B 20-11-1916 C. Bk S of Samuel George/Edith Inglis R.A.A.F.interredAmbo 25 Y
835 10 Inglis Samuel died at "Ingleside" Merriton H. of Mary nee Robertson buried Yankalila 87 Y
-835 10 Inglis William B 26-7-1831 Scotland son of Samuel/Mary nee Robertson. single.   Merrit 55 Y
744C 13 Jackson Loveday Jane B 11-1-1881 D of Elijah Carter/Jane nee Roberts. W of Thomas.Esperence 86 Y
744A 13 Jackson Thomas Stuart. B 9-8-1881 Wandearah Sof Charles/Elizabeth nee Binney. H of Loveday Wan 72 Y
178B 12 Jacobi Albert Ernest Ronal H of Phillis Eileen.  Crystal Brook 70 Y
243A 11 Jacobi Albert Heinrich. B 21-8-1878 Yarcowie. Sof Albert/Catherine Harris H. of Kathleen. James 88 Y
243B 11 Jacobi Kathleen Augusta nee Brown wife of Albert Heinrich. Jamestown 71 Y
219B 14 Jacobi Leonard William Kei B 23-8-1912 Laura S/ Albert/Kathleen nee Brown H of Constance. Beetaloo 55 Y
178D 12 Jacobi Phyllis Eileen 19-4-1912C B D of Allan Goulter/Marion nee Greig. W of A. E. Ron. Beeta 67 Y
526C 14 Jacobs Edith Alexandra 10-1-1866 Euchunga D/Thomas Lloyd/Louisa Mincham WofEdward Wanderah 93 Y
526A 14 Jacobs Edward B 13-8-1861 Clarenden S of Henry/Eliza Waller H. of Edith. Wandearh Eas 82 Y
592D 10 Jacobs Edward. B 8-12-1849 Cherry Gardns. S of Isaac/Elizabeth Day H. of Louisa. Wandr 72 Y
553B 15 Jacobs John Henry B 26-10-1885 Wandearah S of Edward/Louisa nee Brand H of Nellie Wandh 90 Y
137B 11 Jacobs Lawrence Alfred. B 25-9-1907C. Bk Son of Edward/Edith nee Lloyd. Husb' of Doris. Wandear 85 Y
592B 10 Jacobs Louisa  Matilda. 11-1-1857 Cherry Gdn. D ofElijah Broadbent/Caroline Field. W of Edward 93 Y
553D 15 Jacobs Nellie Lyall. 28-12-1878KentTown D of G. Sketheway/Jane Balfour. W of JohnH. Wandera 64 Y
465A 12 James William Henry S of Robert Johnson James/Alice Jane Yon. H of Stella May James. Crysta   M
335C 15 Janz Albert Victor B 20-10-1912 Wirrabara. S of Otto/Amelia M. nee Richter. H of Stella C. 65 Y
335C 15 Janz Stella May W of Albert Victor.   Crystal Brook. 70 Y
505D 10 Jarmyn Albert Ernest ''Possibly" infant of Ernest George and Ellen nee Turner Crystal Brook   M
857A 13 Jarmyn Douglas Donald Private 25th Australian Works S7299. Son of William and Ethel Jarmyn. C 48 Y
469D 16 Jarmyn Ethel May B 3-5-1885 Laura D of Joseph/Emily Hopgood. W of William Jarmyn.C. Bk 56 Y
530B 12 Jarmyn George son of William and Ethel Jarmyn. H. of  Mary Ann Jarmyn nee Turner. C. 74 Y
469D 16 Jarmyn Cecil Bartrun Memorial son of William /Ethel. interred El Alamein   Y
816C 16 Jarmyn Keith Edmund B 16-6-1908 C. Brook Son of William Jarmyn. H of Robina nee Lambert C. 74 Y
530D 12 Jarmyn Laura. B 6-11-1865 Fry's Plains. D. of Eber Goulter. W. of Albert Jarmyn. Pt. 72 M
216A 17 Jarmyn May daughter of  William Jarmyn and Ethel May Hopgood. Crystal Brook   M
505D 10 Jarmyn Mary Ann B 21-9-1851 Adelaide D. of Henry Turner. W. of George Jarmyn. C. Brook 79 Y
816C 16 Jarmyn Robina Violet B. 14-3-1913 D. of David Lambert. Wife of Keith Edmund Jarmyn. C. Brook 88 Y
481B 16 Jarmyn William B 28-1-1878Dublin. S. of George/Mary Ann nee Turner. H. of Ethel May. C 74 Y
304D 17 Jasper Charles Roy. B 13-8-1903 C. B. S. of William/Edith nee Francis. H of Reta May. C. Br 76 Y
120A 15 Jasper Charles Wadge B 18-4-1840 Cornwall (S. A. 20-2-1882) H of Mary nee Rice. C. Brook 69 M
961 20 Jasper Gloria June B 21-6-1935 D of Thomas Smart/Dorothy Travers. Wof Colin William. C. Br 66 Y
120D 15 Jasper Edith Anne B 20-9-1869 Tunkillo. D of Nicholas Francis/Eliz.A. Hooper.W of William 90 Y
120C 15 Jasper Ivy May B 15-5-1902 daughter of William and Edith Ann nee Francis Crystal Brook 15 Y
120B 15 Jasper Mary. born Cornwall 1830. wife of Charles W. Jasper. Crystal Brook M of son/d 83 M
304D 17 Jasper Reta May 20-6-1903 Booleroo. D of William Pearce/SarahA. Arthur. Wof Charles Ro 94 Y
120D 15 Jasper William. B 1864 Cornwall. S of Charles W./Mary Jasper. H of Edith Ann. Crystal B 55 Y
805D 5 Jeffries Harriett Widow of John-- farmer of Tickera, Kadina.Harriett died at home Wandear 77 M
668B 1 Jeisman Grace Ann Born 19-12-1854 Kensington D of John Williams and Grace Ann nee Dustan 49 Y
0   Jeisman Grace Ann 1st marriage Mr. Louis. 2nd  to Henry William Jeisman. Crystal Brook    
309A 12 Jenkins William James Born 8-9-1884 Laura Son of William and Isabella nee Fergus. Gladstone 77 M
709A 4 Job.Rilda Doris Born 15-7-1895 Crystal Brook Daughter of William and Elizabeth nee Gidl 4 Y
132C 16 John Danny Colwyn. Son of Derek John.   Y
437C 17 Johncock.Mollie Dawne W of Brian.  Crystal Brook 62 Y
437C 17 Johncock Tony Roland Memorial born 5-3-1956. son of Brian and Mollee 41 Y
567A 16 Johns Adelaide Phoebe B 15-8-1893 C. Bk D of Allan Goulter/.Marion nee Greig. W of John A. Jo 55 Y
567A 16 Johns Annie Blanch Crystal Brook 93 N
621C 6 Johns Isabella Johanna Sop daughter of Paul Johns and Adelaide Wilheimia Rosamunda Schoenburg 27 M
567C 16 Johns James "Ronald'' Born 1-5-1916 Mundoora Son of John A./Adelaide nee Goulter. Single. C. 72 Y
567A 16 Johns John Albert Walter B 13-11-1882 C. Bk S of Paul/Ida nee Schoemberg. H of Adelaide nee Goul 87 Y
621A 6 Johns Marie Augusta. Widow of August Johns, no other details. abode Crystal Brook 73 M
357D 8 Johnson  Bridget nee Donovan. B Counry Cork Ireland. S.A. 80 years. widow of Charles 96 Y
0   Johnson Charles It is believed Charles Johnson is interred at the Bowman Family cemeter   no
328B 8 Johnson Annie Agnes B 23-7-1870 Pt. Adelaide D of Charles JohnsonBridget nee Donovan. C. Bk 68 M
328B 8 Johnson Charles son of Charles and Bridget. brother of Annie Agnes Johnson.  Crystal Br 79 M
577C 9 Johnson Norma Ethelwin Born 15.10 1895 at Crystal Brook to Frederick & Hannah nee Hewett   M
398B 11 Jolly Marjorie Elizabeth daughter of Thomas/Roseanna Arbon. Wife of William Jolly. Georgetown 34 Y
419A 11 Jolly William Joseph. Born 5.12.1899. Narridy Son of Arthur & Mary nee Kelly. 65 Y
395C 14 Jones Elsie Florrie Wife of Francis Jones. 75 Y
395C 14 Jones Francis H of Elsie Florrie.  Father of Brian & Patricia 65 Y
268D 9 Jones Kevin Harold Born 3-11-1923 Yorketown. SX26461 Ordinance Dept. H. of Marnie. C. Broo 72 Y
329B 9 Jones Margaret .  Crystal Brook 63 Y
288A 12 Joyce Peter Harold Husband of Gwenda. Wandearah. 60 Y
626C 1 Joyce Susanna Elizabeth. nee Sambell 1st wife of Thomas Joyce .   Wandearah. 41 Y
76D 13 Jungfer.Edna Edith Born England 26.6.1919.Crystal Brook. 67 Y
442C 12 Karger Bertha Eleanor Eliz Daughter of Jofn Frederick Karger  and Olivia nee Davey. Crystal Brook 1 M
869A 19 Kapitola Kurt Ernest   81  
312D 9 Kazimierz Szymanwicz Port Augusta/ Crystal Brook.  E&WS 33 N
267D 10 Keain John Vincent B 7-4-1897 Laura S of Peter/Annie nee Raferty. H of Lucy Aileen. Wandea 86 Y
267B 10 Keain Lucy Aileen W of John Vincent.  Kingswood 80 Y
240A 8 Keane Catherine B10-1-1892Napperby D of J. Fetherston/Mary nee Stanley. W of John.Wande 82 Y
240C 8 Keane John Martin. 21-3-1887Pirie Disct. S of Patrick/Bridget nee Rohan H of Catherine Wan 91 Y
269A 8 Keane Leo Ronan B 28-8-1922 P.Pirie S of JohnKeane/Catherine nee Featherstone. H of Mau 78 Y
177A 13 Keech Alexander Maxwell B 28-11-1922 C. Bk Son of Henry Margaret nee Tait. H of Gladys. Gladsst 66 Y
177A 13 Keech Gladys Daphne W of Alexander Maxwell.  Gladstone 72 Y
293A 17 Keech Gordon Roderick Born 5-7-1918 Merriton. 9th Motor Regiment SX30101. H. of Rhonda. C. Br 75 Y
555B 17 Keech Henry George B 22-2-1883 Donnybrook. S of William Keech. H of Margaret F. nee Tait. 83 Y
790A 11 Keech Margaret Tait daughter of Henry George and Margaret Fortune Keech. Crystal Brook   M
555D 17 Keech Margret Fortune Daughter of Robert Tait. Wife of Henry George Keech. Crystal Brook 65 Y
350A 15 Keech Stanly Gordon B. 3-11-1891 Redhill  S. of William Keech/Eliza nee Nutt. C. Brook 84 Y
685B 17 Keech Vera Lauder B 23-1-1928 C. Brook D.  of Henry Keech/Margaret nee Tait. Crystal Broo 70 Y
444A 10 Keen F L. no birth records found for this infant   No
229D 4 Keleher Mary Bridget Child of Cornelius Francis & Antonia Rosalie nee Dorste.   M
229D 4   Cornelius Francis  Keleher is listed as Works Oversea    
569A 14 Kelly Amelia B 1-4-1877Giles Corner D of Felix Gray/Janet Nottle. W of Tom Kelly. C. 79 Y
381D 17 Kelly Colin Leighton. B 1-4-1907 C. B. S of Tom L./Amelia Kelly. H of Rilda nee Slater. C. Br 65 Y
133D 15 Kelly Donald Brian born 5-1-1935 Pt. Pirie Son of Leslie and Winifred Mary. father of 6. C 68 N
133B 15 Kelly Graeme Leslie Son of Donald Brian Kelly and Catherine nee Davidson.  Crystal Brook 26 Y
119D 14 Kelly Patrick Nolan. B 18-12-1922Peterborough S of William/Mary nee Nolan. H of Heather. C B 66 Y
392B 17 Kelly Rilda Ethelbert B. 30-11-1905 D. of Robert Slater/Alice nee Hewett. W. of Colin L. Kell 89 Y
569C 14 Kelly Tom Lace B 7-10-1880 Alma. S of Tom and Phoebe Kelly H of Amelia. Crystal Brook 62 Y
799 2 Kennett George Alfred Born Crystal Brook Son of John William & Hannah Francis nee Trott   Y
799 2 Kennett John Born Crystal Brook son of John William & Hannah Francis nee Trott   Y
580B 3 Kennett Mary B22-5-1825 England. D of John and Elizabeth White. W of William. C. Bro 76 Y
799 2 Kennett Phillip James B 12-6-1892 C. B. S of John William/ Hannah Frances nee Trott. C. Brook 6 Y
580C. 3 Kennett William B30-8-1823 Kent Eng. S of John/Mary nee Chandler. H of Mary nee White C 84 Y
856C 12 Kensman Walter Thomas Birth and place unknown. Found dead on Railway line, presume run over b 45 M
0     train. Police Constable R. B. Griffin of C. Bk was informat. approx. 45    
190B 1 Keville Columbkille Kevin B 29-4-1878 C. Bk Son of Patrick M./Mary Ann Forrestal. H of Gertrude C 43 Y
190A 1 Keville Ann Gertrude B 12-10-1885 Narridy D of Daniel Murphy/Margart McGrath. W of Kevin Mer   Yes
190C 1 Keville Mary Ann Daughter of Thomas Forrestal. Married Virginia 1872 to Patrick Martin K 35 Y
0     Patrick Martin Keville died 1901 Adelaide. 65years. Interred Adelaide    
190D 1 Keville Robert Emmet Patri Infant of Patrick Martin Keville and Mary Ann nee Forrestal. Merriton   Y
637C 13 Kidd Clara Petunia Sophia B 26-6-1885 Quorn D of John Boehm/Mary nee Arbery. W of George H. Kidd 48 M
656A 13 Kidd Clarence Boehm B 14-11-1912 Laura Son of George Henry/Clara P S nee Boehm CBrook 23 M
656C 13 Kidd George Henry Husband of Clara Son of George H & Elizabeth nee Bridel.   Crystal Broo 76 M
371B 7 Kiely Edward Joseph Son of Timothy. married Redhill 1894. H of Mary nee Kearne. Merriton/C. 75 Y
368A 4 Kiely Linda Magdalen B 3-7-1905 Merriton D of Edward Joseph Kiely and Mary nee Kearne. Merri 10 Y
371D 7 Kiely Mary Ann Josephine daughter of John Kearne. married Redhill 1894. W of Edward Joseph Keily 63 Y
371D 7 Kiely Thomas Leo B 14-12-1900 C. B. S of Edward Joseph /Mary Ann nee Kearne. C. Brook 46 Y
368C 4 Kiely William Broughton Born 26.11.1902. Son of Edward J & Mary nee Kearne.Merriton   Y
620A 7 King Elizabeth. daughter of Samuel Perrin Young. Wife of Norman King. Napperby 67 Y
163C 16 Kirchner Maurice Anthony H of Joan.  Crystal Brook 67 Y
241C 9 Kirchner Nora Ann(Anorah) B22-5-1891 C. B. daughter of William Walsh. wife of Thomas Kirchner Wan 72 Y
241A 9 Kirchner Thomas Gottlieb B 21-11-1880Condowie.S.of Franz/Susannah nee Witkin.H of Nora Wandearah 88 Y
508A 13 Kirk Archibald born 17-11-1855 Auburn. H. of Mary Ann nee Ellery. Crystal Brook 84 Y
508A 13 Kirk Frederick Charles Tho memorial interred France. S. of Archibald/Mary nee Ellery.A.I.F. no. 43 22 Y
216B 17 Kirk Colin James Angle B 1-6-1912 C. B. S of John James/Edith. H of Edna nee Fridd. CBrook 59 Y
260B 17 Kirk Edith Violet Born 5-7-1882 Wandearah nee Fuller. Wife of John James Kirk. Crystal Br 91 Y
425D 17 Kirk Jessie Violet born 9-2-1888 nee Arbon. wife or Robert Ellery Kirk. Crystal Brook 85 Y
260B 17 Kirk John James B. 12-9-1881 Rhynie. S of Archibald /Mary Ann. H. of Edith Violet Kirk. 89 Y
508C 13 Kirk Mary Ann daughter of George Ellery. wife of Archibald Kirk.  Merriton/Pt. Adelai 77 Y
425D 17 Kirk Robert Ellery B 1-6-1885 Merriton S of Archibald Kirk/Marryanne nee Ellery. H of Jess 88 Y
861C 17 Kirk Twins children of Archibald Kirk. died at four hours and one day.   M
861A 17 Kite un named baby Son of Janet Kite of Laura   M
417C 9 Kitson Kathleen daughter of Michael Faull. wife of William Henry Kitson. no further det 20 M
245D 13 Klemm Alma Elizabeth B 14-3-1887 Appila D of Johann Heinrich Klemm/Mary nee Albenus.Crystal 79 Y
34B 13 Klemm Gertrude Emily B 20-8-1915 Wirrabara D of Otto Janz/Emilie M. Richter. W of Vic.Wandea 76 Y
34B 13 Klemm Victor Albert B 1-11-1911 Pt Pirie S of Heinrich/Rosena nee Hatzel  H of Gertrude Wan 94 Y
699A 14 Klingner Albert Ernest Aug H of Rose.  Son of Ernest & Alwine nee Simon. Crystal Brook. 73 Y
861A 17 Klingner baby girl Daughter of Mavis & Max.   Y
134B 14 Klingner Dianne Rosemary. Daughter of Mavis and Max Klingner (Ernest Maxwell) Rocky River/C. Broo 35 Y
35B 14 Klingner Ernest Maxwell Known as Max Klingner. husband of Mavis Nina. Rocky River/C. Brook 86 N
861A 17 Klingner Mavis Nina daughter of Mavis Nina and Ernest Maxwell Klingner. Rocky River/C. Bk   Y
35D 14 Klingner Mavis Nina. wife of Ernest Maxwell Klingner. near Rocky River/Crystal Brook 69 Y
699C 14 Klingner Rose B 24-8-1890Hindmarsh. D of James Clarke. W of Albert Ernest Klingner. C 81 Y
537B 3 Klopper Charlotta Augusta Daughter of Jacob Meyer/Charlota nee Henne. W of Fredrich Wilhelm. Unle 68 Y
809D 9 Klopper Edward Royal. B 4-10-1897 C. Brook Son of Carl Klopper/Amelia nee Simon. Napperby   M
537A 3 Klopper Fredrich Wilhelm B 29-8-1858 Hope Valley S of Heinrich/Caroline nee Wetzel. H of Charlot 67 Y
528D 12 Klopper Jessie Naomi daughter of William Sullivan. wife of Roy Percival  Klopper. Crystal Br 32 Y
809B 9 Klopper Lottie Victoria B 24-3-1893 nr. Crytsal Brook D of Carl Klopper/Amelia nee Simon of Nap 1 M
528B 12 Klopper Roy Percival b 2-4-1891 C. Bk. S of Freiedrich/Charlotta Meyer. H of Jessie.Napperby 64 Y
0   Klopper Alfred Charles Son of Charles Henry Klopper farmer of Napperby.died from Laryngial Cro   no
841D 4 Knapman You Albert Born 1 Crystal Brook to William Henry Knapman & Grace Amy Wills   Y
672C 4 Ladyman Edgar Brian B 22-1-1887 C. B. S of Henry Ladyman/Sarah Ann nee Carter. Crystal Broo 9 M
395A 14 Lambert  Cynthia June. B 17-10-1943  Whyalla D. of Irene/Reginald Harold Lambert. Crystal Broo 26 Y
815C 15 Lambert  Reginald  Harold B 17-3-1916 C. B. S of David/Evelyn nee King. H of Irene Edna. Crystal 73 Y
174A 16 Lambert Annie Constance B8-3-1909 RhineValley D of George Payne/Flora nee Tucker. W of WilliamD 78 Y
629D 5 Lambert Clara Gertrude B 12-4-1893 C. Bk D of Fred William and Clara nee Isaacson. Crystal Bro   M
815D 15 Lambert David Stanley B 26-6-1883 Koolunga.S of William/Catherine nee Coombe. H of Evelyn. C. 89 Y
742D 15 Lambert Evelyne Adelaide.. B 8-11-1889 Orroroo nee King. Wife of David Stanley Lambert. C. Brook 63 Y
544D 6 Lambert George Henry. b 6-10-1873 Bagot's Well S. of William Henry Lambert/Catherine nee Coo 24 M
135 15 Lambert Irene Edna B 9-1-1922PirieSouth Dof H.George Noble and Rosie nee Noble W of Regina 72 Y
815B 15 Lambert Kelvin Donald B 5-12-1943 C. Brook Son of Kelvin/Doreen nee Ferguson. Crystal Brook 13 Y
673B 5 Lambert Sophia. nee Thomas wife of George Lambert. Huddleston. 36 M
673D 5 Lambert Sophia. B 19-9-1895 Adelaide D of George Lambert/Sophia nee Thomas. Huddleston 21 M
174A 16 Lambert William David B 3-3-1911 C. Bk S of David Stanley/Catherine. H of Annie C. Brook 78 Y
niche wall Lambert Bernice Marion B 24-11-1923 C.Bk D of Gilbert Jones/Olive nee Chapman. abode, South Af 72 Y
636C 12 Lange Carl Heinrich Born Balaklava to Carl W. and Anna S. D. nee Zobel. Single           Nu 71 Y
465D 12 Lange Johanna Charlotte E. Widow of Johann Carl Heinrich Lange (not interred C. Bk) Crystal Bk 92 M
348C 17 Langley Violet Jean born 16-9-1926.   daughter of Ted/ Ethel Bevan.  wife of Les.  Crystal 68 Y
348C 17 Langley Leslie John B 15-4-1928 MtGambier S of Bert.Langley/Dorothy nee Porter. H of Violet 73 Y
574C 9 Larcombe Rita Jane. B 15-9-1919 Bute D of Henry G. Larcombe/Olive Jane nee Edwards. Redhill   M
373A 9 Larkin Mary Born C. Brook D of John Walter Larkin. Clerk of C. Brook   M
464A 11 Laubsch Fredrick Wilhilm 9-3-1867 nr Tanunda Sof Fredrick/AugustWinkser H of Johanne Lange CB21 60 M
464 A 11 Laubsch Fredrick Wilhilm Fredrick Laubsch is Father of Rudolph Laubsch m. Hilda Darley 60 M
121D 16 Lawry Thomas James Twin son of Jan and Peter Lawry. Elder Smith, Crystal Brook   Y
672B 4 Lawson Albert Erwin B 4-6-1880 S of Alexander K./Jane nee Miell. H of Emily nee Carter. C. 68 Y
290D 14 Lawson Alexander James B 26-8-1884 C. Brook. S of Alexander K./Jane  H of Edith Emily.C. Brook 84 Y
551B 13 Lawson Alexander Kelty Son of Alexander. married 1879 Crystal Brook to Jane nee Miell. C. Broo 74 Y
591D 9 Lawson Allen B 18-12-1914 C. Bk Son of John Norman/Gertrude T. nee Allen Crystal Bro   M
377C 13 Lawson Amy Daughter of Peter Quinn. Wife of Harry Wilfred Lawson Crystal Brook 85 M
290B 14 Lawson Edith Emily B8-8-1887 Jamestown D of Charles Dawes/Amelia nee Hugo. W of Alex James 92 Y
672B 4 Lawson Emily Daughter of John Carter/Ann nee Condon. Wife of Albert Edwin Lawson Cry 69 Y
75C 12 Lawson Eric Douglas B 25-6-1918 S of John Norman/Gertrude Therese. H of Thelma Olive. C. Bk 67 Y
743D 14 Lawson Gertrude Theresa nee Allen wife of John Norman Lawson 65 Y
377A 13 Lawson Harry Wilfred B 23-1-1890 C. B. S of Alexander K./Jane nee Miell.  H of Amy. C. Brook 76 M
551D 13 Lawson Jane Daughter of Harry Miell. m. Crystal Bk 1894 wife of Alexander Kelty Law 88 Y
743B 14 Lawson John Norman B 6-2-1887 Wandearah. S of Alexander/Jane nee Miell. H of Gertrude. C. 74 Y
309C 12 Lawson Kenneth Wilfred. B 2-9-1912 S of Harry Wilfred/Amy Crystal Brook 67 Y
75C 12 Lawson Thelma Olive B 9-10-1925 Loxton D of Edgar Warman/Olive nee Anderson W of Eric Lawso 70 Y
niche w A1 Laxton Norman Robert B 14-11-1916 Nambour Qld. S of Thomas D./Lily J. Burgess. H of Barbara 67 Y
niche wall Lehmann Daphne Joan born 18-11-1930 D. of Wilfred/Edith Wilkin. W. of Arthur John Lehmann 69 Y
286A 10 Liddle James John Son of John Liddle H of Mary Anne nee Angley. F of John P. Narridy 79 Y
75A 12 Liddle John Patrick born Narridy S of James J./Mary A.nee Angley.H of Rene ne Pilkington Na 73 Y
286C 10 Liddle Mary Anne Daughter of Patrick Angley/Georgetown. W of James John Liddle.  Narridy 84 Y
572B 11 Liersch Emma Paulina daughter of Christian Seidel. wif eof Fredrick Wilhelm Liersch. Nurom 56 M
707A 6 Liersch Frederick Hugo B 5-5-1890 Napperby. Son  of Frederick/Emma nee Seidel. Crystal Brook 6 Y
572A 11 Liersch Frederick Wilhelm 27-2-1862 Tanunda. S of George/Wilhelmine Bergersmiester. H of Emma Pt 81 M
486B 11 Liersch Hedwig Christina. nee Petersen wife of William Hermann Liersch Crystal Brook 31 Y
680A 12 Liersch Laura Martha nee Eckert wife of Theodore John Liersch. Solomontown 77 Y
680 12 Liersch Rex ( memorial ) 26-4-1917 Solom'town S of Theodore J./Laura nee Eckert RAAF inter Engl 28 Y
680C 12 Liersch Theodore John B 7-5-1888C. Brk S of Rederick/Emma Seildel. H of Laura Martha Nurom 57 Y
486A 11 Liersch William Herman B 2-11-1891 C. B. S of Frederick/Emma ne Seidel. H of Hedwig Christina. 80 Y
niche wall Liersch Gordon Clarence B 20-9-1916 C.Bk son of William H./Hedwig Christina nee Petersen Single 71 Y
78A 15 Lindner Clarice  Margaret. Born 24.3.1922.Wife of Frederick.Crystal Brook. 73 Y
78A 15 Lindner Frederich Richard born 19-9-1913 husband of Clarice Lindner. Crystal Brook/Modbury 91 Y
437D 17 Lines Ada Sarah Ann B.14-10-1889 D.of Charles Behenna/Susanna nee Jarvis wife of William Li 76 Y
423A 15 Lines Clarence Peter B11-4-1892 son of John Ayres Lines /Hannah. H of Hilda nee Behenna.Nuro 77 Y
466D 13 Lines Hannah. b 1-4-1858 D of Thomas/Cordelia Magor. W of John Ayres Lines(Jnr) C. B. 96 Y
423C 15 Lines Hilda Susanna Jane. B.14-11-1891 D of Charles Behenna/Susanna nee Jarvis.wife of Clarence L 94 Y
466B 13 Lines John Ayres B 22-5-1855 Adelaide S of John/Elizabeth nee Williams. H of Hannah. C. 78 Y
292C 16 Lines John Charles B.20-8-1917 Son of William John Lines/Ada Sarah nee Behenna.single. C. 64 Y
437B 17 Lines William John B 14-10-1889 Son of John Ayres Lines/Hannah. H of Ada Sarah Ann. C. Bk 69 Y
132D 16 Lloyd Simon Geoffrey infant twin son of Caroline nee Wake and Robert Lloyd. Crystal Brook   Y
460D 7 Lock Elizabeth Bennett 18-4-1880Frome disct. D/Joseph Webb/Elizabeth neBennett W/StephenHudlst 85 Y
460B 7 Lock Stephen Samuel B 13-3-1880 Coonatta. S/William H./Elizabeth nee Hall. H of Elizabth.Hu 42 Y
268B 9 Logan Stanley "Maxwell" B12-3-1909Hawker SofStanley R./Frances nee Paterson H of Natalie Huddle 84 Y
788C 13 Longmire Annie Maud Daughter of John Sandery (Redhill) wife of Henry Edwin Longmire. Redhil 74 Y
788A 13 Longmire Henry Edwin B 4-10-1874 Salisbury S of Henry/Martha nee Frost. H of Annie Maud 81 Y
484A 13 Longmire John B 22-10-1916 Son of Henry Edwin and Annie Maud nee Sandery. Redhill 21 Y
357A 8 Lynch James Henry Born Adelaide. 1st H of Mary Olive. a Miner of Brandis St Crystal Brook 74 Y
357A 8 Urquart  (Lynch) Mary Oliv Wife of James Henry Lynch and Andew Urquart. Crystal Brook 78 Y
357A 8 Lynch Thomas Son of James Henry Lynch . Memorial No burial Details   Y
794C 7 Lyons Jane. Daughter of Andrew Cormack. Wife of John Lyons. 56 M
137A 11 Mainardi Amelia Violet. B 21-3-1929 nee Hobbs. formerly Mrs.Taylor. W of Lino Mainardi. Pt.Piri 64 Y
280D 4 Malone Anthony son of Anthony married Adelaide 1865. H of Bridget nee Howard. Wandeara 79 Y
317B 4 Malone Bridget. daughter of John Howard. Wife of Anthony Malone Wandearah /C. Brook 89 Y
674D   Manders Baby     N
335A 15 Mannix Ida Mary Annie 27-1-1895 Redhill. D of Walter J. Button/Eleanor McGilton. W of Michael 83 Y
335A 15 Mannix Michael Adam B 25-12-1891 Walkley Creek S of John/Margaret O'Riely. H of Ida Mary. C 80 Y
176D 14 Marks Gladys.Adelaide. b1905 mother of Roland,Brian and Fay. Pt. Pirie 78 Y
703A 10 Marshall Doreen Ellen 15-12-1927Solom'town Dof Leonard Stanley/Bridget nee McKerwin. Merriton   Y
703A 10 Marshall Eliza. b 15-11-1843 D of Bennett James/J.Williams. W of John Marshall. Crytsal 75 Y
220D 13 Marshall Hazel Pearl W of Spencer A Louis.  Crystal Brook 83 Y
703C 10 Marshall John. B 27-9-1842 Willunga. S of Thomas/Honor nee Williams H of Eliza. C. Bro 88 Y
703A 10 Marshall Leonard John. B 23-1-1925 C. Bk D of Leonard Stanley/Bridget Mary nee McKerwin Merrit   Y
220B 13 Marshall Spencer Albert Lo B 17-3-1884 C. B.  Son of John/Eliza nee James. H of Hazel Pearl. C. Br 81 Y
328D 8 Martin Alfred James B 29.12.1880 Forreston S of Alfred/Ellen nee Meakins. H of Margaret M. 84 M
487A 10 Martin Alfred. Son of John Martin H of Ellen nee Meakins C. Bk father of Alfred James 87 M
268A 9 Martin Elizabeth Frances daughter of William Macadam. wife of Frederick Francis Martin. C Brook 77 Y
463C 10 Martin Ellen. B 25-4-1882 Gumeracha D of Levi Meakins/Maria Holloway. W of Alfred Snr 83 M
268C 9 Martin Frederick Francis B 14-10-1888 Wilmington S of Alfred/Ellen nee Meakins. H of Elizabeth.C 67 Y
590C 8 Martin Herbert T. no record of this infants death             Crystal Brook   M
578A 5 Martin John Merriton 76 M
619B 8 Martin John. B 27-5-1846 Adelaide S of John/Margaret. H of Ellen nee Blood.       Na 75 M
357B 8 Martin Margaret Magdalene Daughter of Charles Johnson. wife of Alfred James Martin Crystal Brook 68 Y
590C 8 Martin Theodore. B. 28.10.1895 Yarrowie.Son of Alfred & Ellen nee Meakins.Crystal Brook. 12 M
265B 12 Masters Alice B 2-2-1882 Terowie D of James Deer/Julia Steer. W of Leslie J. H. Cryst 85 Y
244D 12 Masters Leslie James Heard B 29-3-1888 Clarenden S of Edwin/Janie Heard. H of Alice Masters. C Bro 75 Y
530A 12 Mathews Ann B28-7-1846 England nee Rivett. wife of Charles William (Jnr) Crystal Bk 91 Y
76B 13 Mathews Ann Marie. B 24-12-1941 D of Stan./Patricia nee Pilkington. W of Alan. C. Brook 48 Y
771B 15 Mathews Arthur. B 28-8-1874 Pirie dist. S of Edward/Ann nee Rivett. H of Eva nee Milnes 99 Y
293D 17 Mathews Catherine Born 6-3-1910 nee Jordon wife of William Gilford Mathews. Crystal Brook 70 Y
530C 12 Mathews Charles William B6-7-1842 Islington S of Charles W./Ann Greenway. H of Ann nee Rivett C 87 Y
768A 12 Mathews Edger Ernest Born 27.11.1887 Hd.Pt.Pirie West.  Husband of Elsie Sarah Mathews. 65 Y
726A 14 Mathews Edward B 22-11-1969 Mintaro S of Charles/Ann nee Rivett. H of Margaret. C. Bro 82 Y
249A 17 Mathews Ella Elizabeth B 24-3-1917 nee Rogers. wife of Reginald Kenneth Mathews. C. Brook 76 Y
249C 17 Mathews Reginald Kenneth   89  
768C 12 Mathews Elsie Sarah daughter of Charles Barnes W of Edgar Ernest. Clement's Gap. C. Brook 81 Y
771D 15 Mathews Eva May B 17-5-1876 Appila D of Isaac Milnes/Edith Bradock. Wife of Arthur. C. 77 Y
512A 17 Mathews Evelyn Gladys. nee Coleman. W of Harvy Charles Mathews. M of Peter and Harvy (Jnr) C. 75 Y
512A 17 Mathews Harvy Charles B 4-1-1921 C. Brook. S of Edgar E./Elsie nee Barnes. H of Evelyn Crysta 83 Y
490C 6 Mathews James. Son of William. H of Alice Maud nee Hooper (Richard Hooper) C. Bk 59 M
768A 12 Mathews John Ernest H of Thelma Crystal Brook. Son of Edger Ernest & Elsie Sarah nee Barnes 47 Y
490C 6 Mathews Kathleen Maud B 7-6-1906 PT.Pirie  Daughter  of James Mathews/Alice Maud nee Hooper. 13 M
944 19 Mathews Lance William Born 3-2-1924 Crystal  Brook. R. A. A. F. 48880. H. of Desma. Crystal B 73 Y
206B 17 Mathews Leslie Broughton Born 20-7-1919 Crystal Brook. R. A. A. F. 152307. H. of Hazel. Crystal 63 Y
726C 14 Mathews Margaret B 12-8-1873 Broughton disctr. D of William Whitbread/Cath.Hyde. W of Ed 97 Y
117A 12 Mathews Peter John B 24-2-1944 C. Bk Son of Harvy Charles/Evlyn nee Coleman. 40 Y
490C 6 Mathews Richard Charles. B 25-11-1916 C. Bk Son of James and Alice Maud nee Hooper. Redhill 7 M
293D 17 Mathews William Gilford B 17-6-1906 Son of Edward/Margaret nee Whitbread. H of Catherine. C. Br 83 Y
niche wall Mathews Ivy Daphne born 16-7-1911 D. of John A. Strudwick/Emily nee Kennett. Crystal Brook 91 Y
niche wall Mathews Raymond Arthur B 24-7-1910 C. B. S of Arthur/Eva nee Milnes. H of Ivy nee Strudwick. C 87 Y
niche wall Mathews Alfred Oliver B 11-4-1911 Low. Brghton. S of Edward/Ann nee Rivett. H of C. Maud C. B 80 Y
niche wall Mathews Clarice "Maud" B 31-3-1911 Keilli D of Clarence J Stringer/F. M. Kirk. W of Alfred. C. 81 Y
52C 12 Matthews Arthur Roy. B 28-1-1928 C. Brook S of Harold A./Ellen nee Lacey H of Shirley Jean, 59 Y
421D 13 Matthews Ellen Amelia daughter of Joseph Lacey wife of Harold Arthur Mathews.     Crystal Bro 68 Y
421B 13 Matthews Harold Arthur B 4-7-1905 Hallett Sof Arthur/Esther nee Mitchell. H of Ellen Amelia. C 55 Y
52C 12 Matthews Shirley Jean Daughter of William Pearson/Linda nee Pfiffer. W of Arthur Roy. C. Broo 68 Y
355C 10 Macadam Charles Bernard Born Whyte Yarcowie. Crystal Brook 71 M
330B 10 Macadam Johanna Born Ireland. arrived S.A.70yrs ago. Widow of William Macadam, abode -- 72 M
0     Cunningham Street, C. Brook died carcinoma Liver.    
489C 7 MacCarthy Donald Hugo Son of C. MacCarthy. Husband  of Doris 25 Y
117B 12 McColive Margaret Fanny B 5-12-1903 Carrieton D of John Ryan/Susan nee King 2nd W of John. Quor 80 Y
0   McDonald Alexander Son of Alexander/Jane Ogilvie, died Cholora at Crystal Brook 3 no
619C 8 McDonald Doreen  Iris Born 13.5.1901 at Crystal Brook to Alexander & Jane nee Ogilvie.   M
673A 5 McDonald Florence Jean. b 31-8-1893 C. Brook D of Ronald/ Florence Susan nee Porter. Crystal Br   M
833A 12 MacDonald Glencoe Husband of Janet Andrew MacDonald. Farmer Warnertown 51 M
263C 14 MacDonald Heather Catherin B 29-7-1932 Warnertown D of Glencoe and Janet MacDonald. Pt. Pirie 73 no
263C 14 MacDonald Janet Andrew Born in Scotland nee McKinlay. wife of Glencoe MacDonald Warnertown 70 M
245B 13 McDonald Thomas Crystal Brook 85 M
583B 1 McEwin Cecilia Wilson died Warnertown. 1st wife of Robert McEwin he is interred Golden Grove 53 Y
413B 5 McGowan Mary Ann Born Ireland.Buried with Daught Ellen T. Braddock. widow of Martin McGo 82 M
93A 13 McKay Angus. Isle of Skye, Scotland. Pimba. Willochra Home at Crystal Brook. 75 Y
652A 17 McKenzie Kelvin Roy B 11-5-1926 Bordertown S of Ernest Roy and Eileen M. nee McPhee Crystal 74 M
925 19 McKenzie William James "Ji B 17-12-1934 karoonda S of WilliamB./Florence J. nee Beer. H of Gillian 70 Y
441D 13 McLaren John. born Roma Qld. Died C. Bk Hospital of Acc near Laura 25-5-'39. No fixed 45 M
470C 17 McLeod Malcolm Vincent B 2-3-1941Gawler. Son of Robert. Husband of Jean E. nee Wendt. C. Brook 61 Y
578D 5 McLean Sarah Crystal Brook.  Husband Alexander Thomas McLean buried at Pt.Augusta 60 Y
574D 9 McMartin Albert Finlay B 8-1-1908 Ultera. S of Albert Campbell McMartin/ Alice nee Deer. Cryst   M
350C 15 McNeil Dorothy W of Robert MelroseHuddleston 78 Y
350C 15 McNeil Robert Melrose. 29-6-1889Huddleston S of John/Violet Logan H of Dorothy.Huddleston/St P 85 Y
673C 5 McPhail Christina Widow of Alexander McPhail.  Crystal Brook. 71 M
35A 14 McWhirter John William. of Crystal Brook formerly N.S.W. Husb. of Sue Father of Robert and John 67 Y
246B 14 Meyers Alfred B11-8-1895 Merriton S of Henry/Florence Loveridge. H of Evelyn Myers. C 78 Y
246D 14 Meyers Evelyn May B 8-8-1914 Mitcham D of William Smith/Ann nee Rusell. W of Alfred. C. B 62 Y
681C 13 Meyers Florence Elizabeth B 20-12-1873Alma D of James Loveridge/Louisa Allen W of Henry MyersC Bk 86 Y
681A 13 Meyers Henry born Redhill.   Farmer   H of Florence. retired and died home Brandis S 80 Y
700A 13 Meyers Margaret Ann 31-3-1883 Koolunga D of Moses Siviour/Mary Ann Loads. W of Peter Myers. 68 Y
700C 13 Meyers Peter Albert son of Peter Meyers. husband of Margaret nee Siviour. Crystal Brook 75 Y
373B 9 Michael David Born Morphett Vale. Son of James. Husband of Mary. Wandearah 90 Y
291D 15 Michael John Alexander 6-9-1898 hnd Pirie. Sof John/Mary nee Watson. H of late Ella Michael Wa 72 Y
373D 9 Michael Mary daughter of John Watson. Wife of David Michae.   l Wandearah. 65 Y
450A 4 Miell Albert Cecil de Lisl B 11-2-1910 C. B. son of Albert and Lilly Mabel nee Symons Crystal Broo   Y
584B 2 Miell Ellen. B 1828 Wiltshire Eng. D of George Gale. W of Henry (Harry) Miell C.Broo 64 Y
769D 13 Miell Emily 30-12-1859 Wakefield dist. D of Henry Miell/Ellen nee Gale. Crystal Bro 94 Y
584B 2 Miell George. B 20-2-1851 Son of Henry and Ellen. Husband of Janet nee Gordon. C. Bro 92 Y
625B 2 Miell Henry or Harry B 6-10-1826 WiltshireEng S of George/Christina H of Ellen nee Gale C. B 87 Y
176B 14 Millard Clarence Rex. B 4-4-1904 Mt Gambier Son of William and Ellen nee Bott. H of Stella C. 81 Y
176B 17 Millard Stella Amelia B 31-6-1912 Hookina D of Robert Lee/Louisa nee Bagnall. W of Rex. C. Br 89 Y
291B 15 Millard Eric Robert Ricky"  Son of Robert and Pam nee Hickey of Crystal Brook 17 Y
374D 10 Miller Margaret  Winifred B 29-4-1913 Merriton D of Patrick Miller and Mary nee Liddle Merriton   Y
355D 10 Miller Mary. daughter of John Liddle (and Catherine Quinlivan?) H of Patrick Miller 73 Y
374B 10 Miller Patrick Son of Thomas Miller. H of Mary nee Liddle. Merriton 50 Y
133C 15 Miller William Francis B 14-11-1918 Son of Patrick Miller/Mary nee Liddle. single Crystal Broo 76 Y
715B 3 Mills Annie Williamson nee Graham. formerly Mrs. Everall. 2nd wife of David Mills. Crystal Bro 69 Y
710B 3 Mills David. Husband of Emma nee Hill and Annie nee Graham. Crystal Brook 74 Y
715A 3 Mills Emma nee Hill. first wife of David Mills. mother of Roland Mills. Crystal Br 62 Y
710A 3 Mills Roland..old grave son of David and Emma nee Hill.  H of Luna nee Everall.   Peterborough 28 Y
639D 15 Milnes Percy Harold B 15-7-1879 Pt. Pirie. Son of Isaac/Edith nee Badenoch. H of Rosa. Afel 68 Y
639B 15 Milnes Rosa. daughter of William Williams wife of Percy Harold Milnes  .Warnertown 67 Y
856A 12 Montgomery Alexander. Son of John Montgomery late of Pt. Pirie. Died of gun shot wounds.Nappe   M
0   Montgomery Jane wife of James, Lighthouse keeper Pirie, died Carcinoma Liver at Nurom 48 no
0     undertaker for Jane's burial Walter Collins Burial C.Bk or Wanderah?    
757 1 Morrish Albert Richard B 5-9-1867 Prospect Village. Son of William/Mary Ann nee Hamence. Nappe 16 Y
757 1 Morrish Bertha B21-8-1865 Islington D of William and Mary Ann nee Hamence Napperby/Pir 71 Y
757 1 Morrish Eva Johnson Memorial. D of William Morrish/Mary A. nee Hamence.  Buried Victoria 69 Y
765A 9 Morrish Marion Elizabeth D. of Charles C. Ferguson/Hellen Murdock. W of Walter Morrish.  Napperb 32 Y
713C 1 Morrish Mary Ann Daughter of Edward Hamence. married 1858 wife of William (D1928)Napperb 64 Y
765A 9 Morrish Walter B 7-2-1861 Prospect S of William/Mary nee Hamence. H of Marion.  Napper 82 Y
712 1 Morrish William Edward. Son of William/Mary A. nee Hamence. H of Alma C.(D of Carl Bohlin) Pt. 83 Y
669 1 Morrish William Senior. Father of William who died 1928. no details of wife burial. Napperby 86 Y
757 1 Morrish William. H of Mary AnnBorn 1834 Devonshire England.Arr. S.Aust.1853.C/ Brook. 94 Y
223C 10 Mortimer Lillian Agnes. b Gawler. D of James Prendergast/Catherine Quinlivan. H of Sydney G.Mor 69 Y
180A 10 Mortimer Madge Crystal Brook 60 Y
180A 10 Mortimer Rex Murray. B 9-11-1917Wallaroo S of Sydney G./Lillian Pendergast. H of Madge. Crys 54 Y
884 18 Mulholland Gerald Francis   64 Y
304A 17 Muller Leonard. B. 2-2-1908Moonta.S of Alfred/Ethel. H. of Margaret Louisa nee Shearer. 86 Y
304A 17 Muller Margaret Louisa B 11-6-1910 Mundoora D of William J.Shearer/F. Louisa nee Haines W of L 95 Y
379B 15 Mumford  Walter Sydney B17-10-1900Koolywurtie S of Ethan/Maria Cook. H of Letty nee Chase Merr 73 Y
164A 17 Mumford Valma Grace B 24-10-1946 daughter of Arthur Philbey. wife of Ronald Mumford Merrito 57 Y
164A 17 Mumford Ronald Max B 19-7-1926 C Bk Son of Walter Sydney @ Letty nee Chase H of Valma Merr 80 Y
131D 17 Mumford Anthony Max Infant son of Ronald Max and Valma Grace nee Philbey. Merriton   Y
349C 16 Mumford Colin Sydney B. 30-5-1925 S. of Walter. Husband of Edna Jean Mumford nee Lines. Red 70 Y
379D 15 Mumford Letty Asplin B 6-2-1893Clarendon D of Edmund Chase/Ada nee Woods W of Walter Merrito 76 Y
634D 10 Munday Alfred Robert Memorial. B 30-6-1888 C. B. S of Alfred/Melinda. Killed France WW1. 25 Y
634B 10 Munday Alfred. Son of Alfred Munday Husband of Melinda nee Fidge. Crytsal Brook 63 Y
597A 15 Munday Anthony Laurence born 2-12-1944 Crystal Brook son of Maurice George and Betty Munday   Y
380D 16 Munday Elsie Maud. B 12-11-1891 Yorketown D of John Barnes/Maria Noyce. W of Wilfred Georg 78 Y
667A 9 Munday Emma B 5-1-1861 Aldinga. D of George Fidge/JaneHancock. W of William Munday 86 Y
248B 16 Munday Eric Lloyd b 6-1-1922 Hambley Bridge S of Wilfred G./Elsie M nee Barnes. H of Ruth 53 Y
248D 16 Munday Mary "Ruth" B 9-8-1925 Penola Dof Alfred Ellis/Hulda neAnderson W of Eric Munday. C 80 Y
660C 9 Munday Ethel Lillian. B 26-7-1884 Wandearah. Daughter of William/Emma nee Fidge. Crystal Bk 33 Y
588C 6 Munday Mary Weston Daughter of Ivy nee Weston and Wilfred Lewis Munday. West of C. Bk   Y
597C 15 Munday Maurice George Born 3-1-1917. 2/7th Infantry Bat.SX9531. H. of Betty  Crystal Brook 53 Y
634D 10 Munday Melinda b 4-4-1863 Aldinga. D of George Fidge/Jane Hancock. W of Alfred Munday 83 Y
380B 16 Munday Wilfred George B 15-2-1889 Wandearah S of William/Emma nee Fidge. H of Elsie Maud. C.B 87 Y
814A 14 Munday Wilfred Lewis B 24-6-1900 Merriton Son of Alfred/Melinda nee Fidge. H of Ivy. C. Broo 57 Y
660A 9 Munday William Son of John. Husband of Emma nee Fidge. Wandearah Crystal Brook 79 Y
729D 17 Murdock Amelia Aveline B 1-3-1897 Kooringa D of Carl Lott/Amelia nee Hodges. W of Daniel Cryst 74 Y
729B 17 Murdock Daniel B 12-11-1869 Warooka S of Peter/Annie Lucy nee Chapman. H of Amelia. C. 62 Y
729C 17 Murdock Leonard Stephen 14-10-1923 S of Daniel/ Amelia nee Lott. H of Marynee Wilson C Bk/West 82  
202A 13 Murdock Dudley Raymond born 29-10-1923 Crystal Bk. R.A.A.F. 122312. H. of Joan. C. Brook.Adela 61 Y
488D 8 Murray Alexander James Son of Edward James Maurray and Daisy nee Halliday married Pirie. C. Bk   M
658A 11 Mutters F. Crystal Brook. Baby   M
534C 6 Neilson Reginald Claude Son of Arthur Charles Neilson, Mitchell St. died of Diarrhoea at C. Bro   M
534 6 Neilson burial  No Details Edith Emily Neilson's Burial is not recorded. We believe she is bured w    
534A 6 Neilson Charles Arthur B 25.9.1883 at Crystal Peter  & Martha nee Parkinson. 53 M
621D 6 Neilson Francis Henry B 1.8.1878 to Peter & Martha nee Parkinson. .Redhill 22 M
534C 6 Neilson George Leopold B 5.8.1888 at Crystal Brook to Peter  & Martha nee Parkinson. 34 M
621D 6 Neilson John Thomas B 4.8.1876 to Peter & Martha nee Parkinson Crystal Brook. 17 M
544A 6 Neilson Martha W of Peter  nee Parkinson. Crystal Brook. 52 M
135D 13 Newitt Gwendoline Marjory nee Birmingham. Wife of John Terry Newitt. Crystal Brook 65 Y
135B 13 Newitt John Terry B 3-2-1913 Prospect S of George W. J./Louisa nee Coburn. H of Gwendolin 88 Y
445 9 Nicholls Henry Elliott Hen memorial. born at Mt. Barker 6-6-1880. interred at Mt. Barker S. of Hen   Y
445 9 Nicholls Henry Victor. memorial interred at Redhill Cemetery. B. 27-8-1881 S of Henry and Sara   Y
445B 9 Nicholls Laurel Tryphena Daughter of Henry Nicholls and Sarah nee Hender of Redhill then Narridy 6 Y
667A 2 Nicolson Barbara daughter of James Work married Finnis 1857. wife of James.  Rocky River 67 Y
199D 10 Nicolson Brian James. Born 20-6-1925 Crystal Brook. Husband of Irene nee Darley. Narridy/Crys 46 Y
667B 2 Nicolson James son of Thomas Nicolson. H of Barbara nee Work. Rocky River. 62 Y
0     Cause of death of James Nicolson -- Disease of Pancreas.    
119C 14 Nitschke Colin Frederick. son of Norman Nitschke and Ivy Marjory nee Schultz. Single  Crystal Bro 57 M
594A 12 Nitschke Donald Maurice son of Norman Nitschke and Ivy Marjory nee Schultz. Single Crystal Broo 65 N
200B 11 Nitschke David Emerson. H of Carol.  Narridy 40 Y
381B 17 Nitschke Ivy Marjory 20-5-1906FlaxmanVlly D/JohannesA.Schultz/AmilieS.nee Mattiessen W Norma 87 Y
381B 17 Nitschke Norman Natham B 26-8-1905 Stockwell Son of Fredrich W.and Marie M. nee Schultz. H of 72 Y
617C 10 Noble Charles Henry. B 1-5-1853 Adelaide S of Henry and Elizabeth. H of Charlotte. Clements 65 Y
617B 10 Noble Charlotte. B 4-1-1858 Dry Creek D of William Roberts/Sarah Smith. W of Charles. Pt 78 Y
617D 10 Noble Freddie Roy B 2-4-1900 Merriton. Son of Charles Henry/Charlotte nee Roberts. Adelai 54 Y
762B 6 Noll August Frederich son of Johann Fredrich Noll Husband of Johanne Helene nee Nitschke. Nur 71 Y
657A 12 Noll August Wilhelm son of August Fredrich. married Pinkerton Plains 1881. H of Caroline. N 80 Y
657C 12 Noll Caroline Emilie B12-5-1863 d of Christian Seidel/Anna Rosina Nitschke. W of August Noll 70 Y
263D 14 Noll Emma Gertrude daughter of Gotthard Oster. wife of Martin Hermann Fredrich Noll. Nurom 93 Y
640C 16 Noll Johanne Eleonore B14-9-1869DalkeyDof Carl Lange/Anna nee Zobel W/Johannes Fred. Balaklav 95 Y
762D 6 Noll Johanne Helene daughter of Gottfried Nitschke. wife of August Fredrich Noll. Nurom 82 Y
0     SA 60 yrs ago. Tanunda/Perryerton Plains/Nurom. 2sons 5 daughters survi    
640A 16 Noll Johannes Friedrich H of Johanna Elenora.Son of August F & Joanna E nee Nitschke  Nurom. 81 Y
443B 11 Noll Martha Clara Louisa B 10.7.1889Wonna D/ Fred. Laubsch/Auralia ne Lange. W of Ludwig. Nelsha 39 Y
263B 14 Noll Martin Hermann Fredri B10-11-1897 C.Bk S of Johannes F./Johanna nee Lange. H of Emma. C. Bk 69 Y
769B 13 Noll Olga Elizabeth B 8-5-1910 nr. Blyth  D of H.C.Schumacher/Anna ne Zweck. Wof Herbert Ed 46 Y
685A 17 Norman Launa Marjorie B5-12-1922Kensington D/ Walter Mathews/Elsie Culley. W/Norman.  Gladsto 77 Y
685A 17 Norman Herbert Gordon B 30-7-1916 Gladstone S of Ben/Emily Humphrey  H of Ruby(Gladstne) 'n L 90 n
157A 10 Norris Sandra Kay nee Renshaw 53 Y
217C 16 Norris Trevor John. H of Sandra. 35 Y
33C 12 North William "Ian" B 12-5-1915 NthAdelaide Son of W.Oscar and Bessie nee Heard. Dr. of C. 84 Y
52A 12 North Constance Eva B 23-6-1912 Gladstone D of Percy Sampson/Olive nee Crocker. W of ''Ian" 92 Y
396B 13 Norton Alfred Henry B 2-9-1903 pirie dist. S of Hurtle/Charlotte Koster. H of Elsie nee Mye 60 Y
396D 13 Norton Elsie B 30-1-1904 Mundoora D of Henry Myers/Florence Loveridge.W of Alfred C. 91 Y
205B 16 Norton Garry.Robert Son of Donald and Marion nee Talbot. Crystal Brook 20 Y
509 14 Noyce John Keith memorial 6-9-1910 Sof Robert and Martha. H of Blanche Eitzen@Joan Caine 82 Y
509B 14 Noyce Martha Ann. B5-4-1881Mundoora D/Chas.Thompson/Sarah ne Madrin. W/Robert.ClemenGap 56 Y
509D 14 Noyce Robert Joseph. H of Martha Ann.Son of George & Jane nee Ward.  Stirling. 88 Y
784B 17 Nunan Ashleigh Bevin born 28-8-1962 son of Bevin (deceased) and Maureen Nunan. Warnertown 26 Y
262D 15 Nunan Bevin Donald Sof Charles and Mavis nee Hawkins 1st H of Maureen nee Argent Warnertow 32 Y
743A 14 Nunan Charles Talbot 24-9-1903 hnd. Pt.Pirie Sof James /Annette Talbot. H of Mavis Lillian W 49 Y
743C 14 Nunan Mavis Lillian B16-10-1916Solomontwn D/Fred.Hawkins/Eliz.Angel W/ Charles Warnertown 83 Y
784B 17 Nunan Noelene Ronece daughter of Bevan Nunan and Maureen nee Argent. Warnertown   Y


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